Day 1 & 2

January 26, 2013

First day, 5,000 calories. I never would’ve imagined how hard it would be to intentionally consume as many calories as possible, with a minimum goal of 5,000. I got a late start on consuming calories and honestly wasn’t prepared, not enough food to graze on in the house. It just didn’t hit me how hard this was going to be until after my late lunch at the Chinese Buffet. I left the buffet stuffed to the point of feeling miserable, but not even halfway to my 5000 calorie goal. I tried everything I could think of to reach my goal, drinking sodas, a large vanilla milkshake from Chick-fil-a, Chinese buffet, lasagna and tacos for dinner, and as many snacks I could get my hands on. I still came up almost 200 calories short. I felt so full and bloated most of the day. I also weighed myself at the beginning of the day and again at the end of the day; I had gained 6 pounds in one day. Guess that’s why the diet book says to NOT weigh yourself in the first two days… kind of depressing seeing the number go up so high when your goal is to lose weight. Matters of fact, the entire day was somewhat mentally confusing. I truly believe it is the first time in my life I intentionally over ate, and somehow was trying to convince myself it was with an end goal of weight loss. I ended my day starring at a taco that would’ve caused me to meet the 5000 calorie goal, but I could not bring myself to take even a single bite. So I went to bed overly full but still short almost 200 calories.


January 27, 2013

Well, I woke up full and not wanting a single bite of food. However, ready or not time to consume 5000 more calories today!

Today was even more difficult. I even picked up some high calorie snacks at the store and here I am ending the day short 1000 calories. I’m stuffed, my pants are tight and I cannot take another bite. I’m just hoping that even if I haven’t consumed the right number of calories, the fact that I feel miserably full means I have consumed enough to do the trick. I have to say with only a few minutes before I’m going to bed, I’m feeling the anxiety of not getting to eat some of my favorite foods for a very long time. I have the urge to want to take a bite of everything I love just one more time, but I am too full to even finish this can of mountain dew that I will finish anyway and then go to bed. The one thing I will desperately miss is my coffee. Yes, I drink decaf, it’s not the caffeine that I will miss, but the taste and just the enjoyment of sitting with my coffee mug in the morning. I am allowed coffee but would have to give up my caramel creamer and substitute a non-calorie creamer. Seeing as how one main reason I love my coffee is the taste, not sure I can go to a non-calorie creamer. 😦


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