Day 3 (am)

ok, submitting this one from my phone. so i hope it works right. just wanted to do a quick entry with this being the first morning on the 500 calorie portion of this diet. i woke up still feeling bloated and full, and scales said i had gained 7 lbs. over the weekend. . . woohoo. i did my initial weigh in and measurements at the doctors officeee  this morning. and people let me tell u, if u think being ‘just a little’ overweight is not a big deal, you would be sadly mistaken. i do not feel i am obese, i am ‘just a little’ overweight. however the doctor had this scale thingy that takes all kinds of measurements for various things, such as body fat, body water content, and of course body weight and all my measurements, and this scale thingy said my body ‘condition’ is that of a healthy 75 year old!!!!!  threw you off for just a second by putting ‘healthy’ in front of   75 YEAR OLD!!!!!!, didn’t I!  🙂   i don’t feel that unhealthy, i know i could eat better but i felt i was about average for my health. anyway, this ain’t happening. my body, my God given temple, becomes a top priority staring now. right now it is 10 a.m. and i’m just now starting to feel hungry. i am a little concerned of how my body is going to react to coming off sugar so abruptly. so my doctor has advised me to keep an orange on hand, which i have. so i have to get thru class, and then time to go home and cook my first 250 calorie meal with this diet. i do have my ‘free’ cucumbers with me in case i have to have a snack. and also my doctor wants me to stick with the foods on the positive contributers list for my blood type. so chicken, hens, turkey, and occasional fish is whats on the menu for me over the next 40 days. if u are taking the time to follow this blog, thank you and i hope you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Day 3 (am)

    • Hi Star,

      sorry I am just now getting around to seeing these comments. I am working on getting back to my blog to be able to share more about my journey and where I am now…. I just wanted to make sure that what I’m doing now really works and I am so happy to say that it does!!!! So please allow me to share with you what I’ve shared with the others that have made comments…

      I loved the Chirothin diet because it put me within strict guidelines that I was easy to stick to. I was very successful with the diet but due to my own bad decisions and getting back to bad habits, I am again working to lose the weight. I now know, for me, it’s about making a lifestyle change and not about strict fad diets…If you are ready to make a lifestyle change but not looking for the strictness of a diet where you could gain it all back after the diet, then allow me to share with you what I am doing now. To get the healthy results we want there are always changes we have to make in our diet and exercise. However, you have to be honest with yourself and what you know you are willing to stick to. Do NOT make huge strict changes, but just decide to start making better choices….like choosing the grilled chicken sandwich over the crispy…adding more water and committing to walking for 30 minutes several times a week. Along with these better choices, I am not using a few plant-based all natural products that are helping to get things aligned in my body which allows my body to function the way it was meant to. For most these products have been resulting in better focus, less depression and anxiety, sleeping better, more energy throughout the day, decreased sugar cravings, and usually resulting in weight loss. I love it because it does not require major changes…the changes I make to go along with this products are completely up to me. It is not a weight loss supplement but an all around health supplement that just usually results in weight loss because of how it attacks the root health issues in our bodies. Feel free to check out the products or contact me for more information. I am happier with these products than any other product I’ve ever tried. And they come with a 60 no questions asked money back guarantee (minus shipping cost). You really have nothing to lose in trying it! Thank you for your comments and hope to hear from you! You can email me at if you decide you want more information. Also check out more about the products at

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