Day 4 – a quick a.m. update

Woke up late this morning. So I will have to do my morning routine after taking the kids to school. I am getting in bed way too late and it is making it near impossible to get up on time. So time to hold me accountable. Tonight we do have a late basketball game. But I should still be able to be in bed, lights out by 10 pm. And that should help in getting up early. So I will have to “tattle” on myself tomorrow if I let distractions keep me up till midnight again. I think I’m sleeping wrong, I’ve woke up twice this week with a headache and catch in my neck. Praying ibuprofen and a heating pad does the trick. My coffee tastes even nastier this morning, although I fixed it the same as yesterday morning. But Lord help me, I will learn to drink black coffee!!! I know I sound a bit grumpy this morning, that’s what  headache first thing does to me. However, I would like to share on a happy note I am down 1.8 lbs. I did mean to share already my weight. I do NOT like these numbers, they sound so much bigger than I feel. But I need to be real and I know these numbers do not define me, but they will help express my success. So before starting this I fluctuated for months between 185 and 186. For whatever reason the morning I started this diet I weighed 183.8. I gained 5.2 lbs (I had said 7 but I had messed up my calculations in my head, got it right once I wrote it down) through the 5000 cal a day weekend putting me at 189. 189 is what the doctor is using as my official start weight, and from that I am down 1.8. My goal is to get somewhere between 130 & 140. I know that’s a wide range but I’m not concerned with the number as much as I am being healthy, fit, and toned. So I expect to be somewhere in that range once I’ve met my goals.


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