Day 5 – Love my Grill & my Food Scale

Day 5 was a little easier. First I finally got a battery for my food scale and realized I was estimating a little short on my food portions on the first two days. So now that I have the ability to correctly weigh my food I was able to eat the appropriate amount (which is still a very small portion), but at least I know now I’m getting enough nutrients. And probably my most FAVORITE kitchen thingy right now is my George Coleman counter-top Grill!!!!! Chicken is one of the main meats I will be eating and I’m not very good at cooking chicken on the stove. . . ok, I’ll be more honest, I stink at cooking chicken on the stove! It takes an hour and a half to cook chicken in the oven, a day to cook it in the crock-pot, and I ain’t even attempting the outdoor grill. I have never used an indoor counter top grill for anything other than hamburger patties, but I am able to go from raw chicken to flavored cooked yummy chicken in under 10 minutes with my grill!!!! LOVE IT!!

I enjoyed Tangy Tomato Soup today, which so far is my favorite!! Tried to make it for the family for dinner but upping the ingredients to accommodate for more than one serving is also something I am not so good at and I made it to salty tasting. But I will be attempting it again. As of this morning I lost 5.6 lb, which puts me back at “pre-diet” weight (before gaining over the “stuff my face” weekend). However, for some reason today I have actually felt a little bloated in the evening. I didn’t even finish all my dinner because of feeling bloated. So I’m kind of expecting the number to go back up just a little.  Not much else to report today. I did have my first “intentional” unsweet tea today in an attempt to help with morning hunger because I knew it would be a little late before I could eat lunch. It helped a little but I don’t really want to get in the habit of drinking anything other than coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day. So won’t be making that a habit.

Oh, I did not get up when I wanted this morning, although I did get in bed on time. But I did get up earlier than usual and will keep trying till I get up at the right time.


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