Day 13 – Oops, was that exercise?

Day 13. . . WOW!! If you had told me a few months ago that there would come a time when I would go 13 days on just 500 calories a day and be successful, no sneaking oreos, or just a taste of chocolate, I would have said you were crazy! But here I am, 13 days in and still feeling GREAT!!! I have been on diets where I limited myself to about 1200 to 1400 calories a day and was miserable, hungry all the time and constantly thinking about food. Fighting everyday to see what I could squeeze into those 1200 – 1400 calories! But here I am on 500 calories a day and feeling great! I get a little bit hungry before lunch (I do feel a little slower getting going in the mornings but not bad), and occasionally I will crave one of my favorite sweets. But overall I’m feeling satisfied and my energy is good… and I don’t walk around thinking about food all day. Other than what yummy lunch and dinner I wanna try cooking. In other words, I keep my focus on the things I know I can have. I guess the drops that come with this program really do work!! I know without them I would be a lot more hungry all the time and a lot more tired!

As you all know I am not suppose to exercise on this diet. The most I am allowed to do is my morning core work and walking. However, I ended up playing basketball with the girls at my boy’s school during their practice today for about 30 minutes. I really wasn’t thinking about what I was doing and about how much moving around I would be doing. I really broke a sweat and about 20 minutes in started feeling very tired and then realized I was burning away what few calories I was allowed in my day. I went and sat down and had an orange and began to feel better. But I honestly wasn’t thinking of what I was doing as exercise until I started wearing down! I guess in the past I have burned about 450 calories during 30 minutes of basketball but I just wasn’t thinking of it like that at the time. I just finished dinner and I am feeling good, but will definitely need to be more aware of my activity level in the future till off this diet.

I am very much enjoying the food on this diet!! And I even have the family eating some of it. I had a soup the other night that I shared on facebook. So far that is my new favorite!!! I’m trying to incorporate more foods that are “Right for my blood type”. I was told that if you can stick with foods that are right for your blood type then you have more success with this diet. So far I think it’s working!! My “accountability check-in” with my doctor went GREAT Monday! The nurse measured my waist twice because she couldn’t believe I dropped 2 whole inches!! As of today I am at 178.4, which brings me to being down 10.6 lbs.!! I have an app on my phone with My Fitness Pal where I have put in my goals of 500 calories a day and I keep track of all my calories that I eat. Everyday the app fusses at me saying that I am eating too few calories. I know this will sound silly, but I keep waiting for the app to “tattle” on me and have a social worker or something knocking at my door trying to force me to eat more! LOL  So far my phone has kept my secret!! 🙂

I appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement! If anyone of you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about this diet you can contact my Chiropractor at Ehlich Family Chiropractic in Greer and ask them about their weight loss seminar. Tell them I sent you!!

Just sharing one of my favorite meals. . .



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