Day 19 – Fast Food

Yes, today I had fast food for the first time since starting this diet! Before you all gasp in horror, I did my homework and made sure what I got was ok for me to have. I was out all day running errands and I knew before I left the house that I would not be able to microwave food, so I looked into Chick-fil-a’s grilled nuggets. As far as I could tell from the amount of ounces (4 oz of chicken with the 6 pc, which is what I’m suppose to have), the calories which came to exactly the amount that is allowed in 4 oz of chicken, and the way they are made, the Grilled chicken nuggets were perfectly fine for me to have. I got a side salad (skipping the salad dressing) and a small fruit cup. I had to pick the cheese off my salad and eat it with no dressing (I will carry me a small cup of my homemade dressing from now on) and I was allowed to eat everything in the fruit cup except the grapes. The salad, as one could imagine, was dry without salad dressing, but the chicken and fruit was yummy. I do not plan to make it habit to “eat out”, but it is nice to know if I’m in a situation where I can’t get home to eat when I need to that I don’t have to go hours past my lunch time before I can eat. In the future I actually plan to try to use a to go soup container, the kind that is suppose to keep soup hot for days like this one. But I’m not always that prepared. It felt very weird ordering fast food for myself. I haven’t ordered anything fast food except an occasional unsweet tea in over 2 weeks and I felt like I was doing something wrong even though I was picking stuff I could have.

I want to take time while on this diet to do more research into restaurant food. I know there is a way to “order smart”, and it’s time I start learning how. So that when I do come off this diet, restaurants don’t become a pit-fall for me. I’ll keep you posted on what I discover!


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