Day 8 – Consequences

Ok, I know technically today is Day 9, and before I go into why I’m writing on Day 8 instead, let me just say that today I am feeling good and back on track.

However, I named Day 8 “Consequences” due to feeling the consequences from not eating the proper amount of calories and getting off on my drops… not to mention not drinking enough water. On Day 7 I had some unexpected family issues to deal with that came up kind of quick that morning and I ended up having to be out of the house most of the day. I didn’t expect to be gone as long as I was and didn’t take enough food with me and completely forgot to grab my drops. By 7 pm (when I sat down to eat dinner), I had only had 110 calories at that point which was my morning coffee and an apple at lunch. I didn’t feel too bad on Day 7, other than a little hungry. However on Day 8 I was very slow going and felt sluggish and dehydrated most of the day. From here on I hope to not run into another predicament that causes me to have to rush out without preparing first. But I am going to keep lean deli slices, and finger veggies in the fridge to be able to grab in such cases, just in case.

But as I said earlier, I’m on Day 9 and feeling much better. I’m down 7.8 lbs and going in the morning for my first weigh in since starting the diet at the doctor office. I have had a lot of cravings for sweets this weekend. . . ok, so I’ve actually only had a lot of cravings for one sweet, a Chick-fil-a vanilla milkshake! Mark my words, my first sweet coming off this diet will be a chick-fil-a milkshake!  🙂


Day 5 – Love my Grill & my Food Scale

Day 5 was a little easier. First I finally got a battery for my food scale and realized I was estimating a little short on my food portions on the first two days. So now that I have the ability to correctly weigh my food I was able to eat the appropriate amount (which is still a very small portion), but at least I know now I’m getting enough nutrients. And probably my most FAVORITE kitchen thingy right now is my George Coleman counter-top Grill!!!!! Chicken is one of the main meats I will be eating and I’m not very good at cooking chicken on the stove. . . ok, I’ll be more honest, I stink at cooking chicken on the stove! It takes an hour and a half to cook chicken in the oven, a day to cook it in the crock-pot, and I ain’t even attempting the outdoor grill. I have never used an indoor counter top grill for anything other than hamburger patties, but I am able to go from raw chicken to flavored cooked yummy chicken in under 10 minutes with my grill!!!! LOVE IT!!

I enjoyed Tangy Tomato Soup today, which so far is my favorite!! Tried to make it for the family for dinner but upping the ingredients to accommodate for more than one serving is also something I am not so good at and I made it to salty tasting. But I will be attempting it again. As of this morning I lost 5.6 lb, which puts me back at “pre-diet” weight (before gaining over the “stuff my face” weekend). However, for some reason today I have actually felt a little bloated in the evening. I didn’t even finish all my dinner because of feeling bloated. So I’m kind of expecting the number to go back up just a little.  Not much else to report today. I did have my first “intentional” unsweet tea today in an attempt to help with morning hunger because I knew it would be a little late before I could eat lunch. It helped a little but I don’t really want to get in the habit of drinking anything other than coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day. So won’t be making that a habit.

Oh, I did not get up when I wanted this morning, although I did get in bed on time. But I did get up earlier than usual and will keep trying till I get up at the right time.

Day 4 – a quick a.m. update

Woke up late this morning. So I will have to do my morning routine after taking the kids to school. I am getting in bed way too late and it is making it near impossible to get up on time. So time to hold me accountable. Tonight we do have a late basketball game. But I should still be able to be in bed, lights out by 10 pm. And that should help in getting up early. So I will have to “tattle” on myself tomorrow if I let distractions keep me up till midnight again. I think I’m sleeping wrong, I’ve woke up twice this week with a headache and catch in my neck. Praying ibuprofen and a heating pad does the trick. My coffee tastes even nastier this morning, although I fixed it the same as yesterday morning. But Lord help me, I will learn to drink black coffee!!! I know I sound a bit grumpy this morning, that’s what  headache first thing does to me. However, I would like to share on a happy note I am down 1.8 lbs. I did mean to share already my weight. I do NOT like these numbers, they sound so much bigger than I feel. But I need to be real and I know these numbers do not define me, but they will help express my success. So before starting this I fluctuated for months between 185 and 186. For whatever reason the morning I started this diet I weighed 183.8. I gained 5.2 lbs (I had said 7 but I had messed up my calculations in my head, got it right once I wrote it down) through the 5000 cal a day weekend putting me at 189. 189 is what the doctor is using as my official start weight, and from that I am down 1.8. My goal is to get somewhere between 130 & 140. I know that’s a wide range but I’m not concerned with the number as much as I am being healthy, fit, and toned. So I expect to be somewhere in that range once I’ve met my goals.

Day 3 – Chocolate, candies, & cookies. . . Oh MY!!

I never realized how many horrible beasts were lurking around my home until tonight!! I went most of the day doing pretty good. However, after dinner and I settled down for the evening, the munchies hit! Every where I turned there was another “horrible beast” (chocolate, candies, and/or cookies) out to get me! I kept finding the urge to simply grab one and eat it. I realized that obviously in the past I would do this without much thought as to why I was eating it. Like tonight, when I got the urge to eat something like that it wasn’t because of hunger, I’m not feeling down and needing comfort food, there was no feeling of wanting to reward myself. So why was i about to reach out and eat whatever was there. . . THAT’S IT!! It hit me in that moment, that I was going to eat it because “it was there”! We have become so accustomed to having these things lying around the house for those “once in a while” occasions, but what I didn’t realize is that those once in a whiles had become every night! I’m still not sure what it is about the evening that intensifies my urge to eat what’s there. I do feel it occasionally during the day, but after dinner the temptations were so great that I sat in a chair and tried to sleep just so I could avoid the temptations of thinking about it.

On a GREAT note, I accomplished staying within my calorie goal for the day. I did decide to have coffee this morning. I lowered my creamer amount to where it is only 30 calories, but I plan to phase out the creamer by the end of the week and for the first time in my entire life learn to drink black coffee!! I just can’t give up that hot cup in the mornings, even if it doesn’t taste like caramel macchiato! Which means until I have phase out the creamer that I have added 30 calories to my daily intake because I can’t skimp on my meals to make room for creamer. I just have to accept going over by 30. So with that in mind, I ended my day with a total of 545 calories, and the 15 over was my “free” cucumbers I had for a mid-morning snack. As long it is one of the “free” veggies then it’s allowed, and doesn’t count against my calories. I feel I just rambled a good bit there, sorry!

Part of my reason for doing this blog is to help me learn something about myself through this process and today I am beginning to learn how easy I have made it to continue my bad habit of late evening snacking. Tomorrow begins “Operation Horrible Beasts Throw Away”!

Another reason is because I know there are so many that struggle with weight and health issues. And I know when I struggle with something, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. That there are others fighting the same daily battles, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. But I have always said, I have not failed as long as I haven’t given up. I guess that’s my version of one of my favorite quotes, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” by Thomas A. Edison.

And of course the final reason for this blog is to help hold myself accountable. I don’t know how many, if any, are actually reading these but just knowing that someone could be reading these is what helped me fight the temptations tonight to grab a piece of chocolate. I knew I would have to tell “you” what I did! LOL  So to whoever may be reading these, Thanks for holding me accountable!

Day 3 (am)

ok, submitting this one from my phone. so i hope it works right. just wanted to do a quick entry with this being the first morning on the 500 calorie portion of this diet. i woke up still feeling bloated and full, and scales said i had gained 7 lbs. over the weekend. . . woohoo. i did my initial weigh in and measurements at the doctors officeee  this morning. and people let me tell u, if u think being ‘just a little’ overweight is not a big deal, you would be sadly mistaken. i do not feel i am obese, i am ‘just a little’ overweight. however the doctor had this scale thingy that takes all kinds of measurements for various things, such as body fat, body water content, and of course body weight and all my measurements, and this scale thingy said my body ‘condition’ is that of a healthy 75 year old!!!!!  threw you off for just a second by putting ‘healthy’ in front of   75 YEAR OLD!!!!!!, didn’t I!  🙂   i don’t feel that unhealthy, i know i could eat better but i felt i was about average for my health. anyway, this ain’t happening. my body, my God given temple, becomes a top priority staring now. right now it is 10 a.m. and i’m just now starting to feel hungry. i am a little concerned of how my body is going to react to coming off sugar so abruptly. so my doctor has advised me to keep an orange on hand, which i have. so i have to get thru class, and then time to go home and cook my first 250 calorie meal with this diet. i do have my ‘free’ cucumbers with me in case i have to have a snack. and also my doctor wants me to stick with the foods on the positive contributers list for my blood type. so chicken, hens, turkey, and occasional fish is whats on the menu for me over the next 40 days. if u are taking the time to follow this blog, thank you and i hope you enjoy it.

Day 1 & 2

January 26, 2013

First day, 5,000 calories. I never would’ve imagined how hard it would be to intentionally consume as many calories as possible, with a minimum goal of 5,000. I got a late start on consuming calories and honestly wasn’t prepared, not enough food to graze on in the house. It just didn’t hit me how hard this was going to be until after my late lunch at the Chinese Buffet. I left the buffet stuffed to the point of feeling miserable, but not even halfway to my 5000 calorie goal. I tried everything I could think of to reach my goal, drinking sodas, a large vanilla milkshake from Chick-fil-a, Chinese buffet, lasagna and tacos for dinner, and as many snacks I could get my hands on. I still came up almost 200 calories short. I felt so full and bloated most of the day. I also weighed myself at the beginning of the day and again at the end of the day; I had gained 6 pounds in one day. Guess that’s why the diet book says to NOT weigh yourself in the first two days… kind of depressing seeing the number go up so high when your goal is to lose weight. Matters of fact, the entire day was somewhat mentally confusing. I truly believe it is the first time in my life I intentionally over ate, and somehow was trying to convince myself it was with an end goal of weight loss. I ended my day starring at a taco that would’ve caused me to meet the 5000 calorie goal, but I could not bring myself to take even a single bite. So I went to bed overly full but still short almost 200 calories.


January 27, 2013

Well, I woke up full and not wanting a single bite of food. However, ready or not time to consume 5000 more calories today!

Today was even more difficult. I even picked up some high calorie snacks at the store and here I am ending the day short 1000 calories. I’m stuffed, my pants are tight and I cannot take another bite. I’m just hoping that even if I haven’t consumed the right number of calories, the fact that I feel miserably full means I have consumed enough to do the trick. I have to say with only a few minutes before I’m going to bed, I’m feeling the anxiety of not getting to eat some of my favorite foods for a very long time. I have the urge to want to take a bite of everything I love just one more time, but I am too full to even finish this can of mountain dew that I will finish anyway and then go to bed. The one thing I will desperately miss is my coffee. Yes, I drink decaf, it’s not the caffeine that I will miss, but the taste and just the enjoyment of sitting with my coffee mug in the morning. I am allowed coffee but would have to give up my caramel creamer and substitute a non-calorie creamer. Seeing as how one main reason I love my coffee is the taste, not sure I can go to a non-calorie creamer. 😦

ChiroThin Diet

I’ve decided to participate in the ChiroThin Diet. This is a 500 calorie a day diet, and includes drops containing specific hormones that contribute to fat burning and high metabolism. The diet is doctor supervised results in an average of 25 – 30 lb loss in women (more in men). The diet is 42 days, the first two I consume 5000 calories each day and on the 3rd day thru the 42nd day I consume only 500 calories each day. I am not supposed to exercise while on the 500 calories a day but I do have a morning routine that includes stretches and minimal core work. My intention is to wake up around 5 am in order to get in my entire morning routine (stretching and core work, and quiet time) before time to get the boys up. During the 500 calories a day, I will only eat lunch and dinner consisting of 4 oz. of lean meat, 4 oz. of veggies, and 4 oz. of fruit; I may have calorie free veggies throughout the day as snacks. I am actually excited about this, because it takes the debate out of “what do I eat today”. I have a book of recipes and a food journal booklet. The portion size actually doesn’t sound bad to me, I don’t eat a lot through the day as it is (my issue is late night snacking), but the part that is going to get difficult after a few days is getting bored eating the same things every day. However, as I mentioned there is a recipe book and I will work to mix it up as much as I can within the recipe book. I know there will be some that are concerned about such a low calorie diet, but my doctor knows my goals and feels this is the best plan of action for me at this time. He supervises many successful clients on the same diet. One other aspect of this diet that makes me happy is the fact that it also acts as a cleanse. In 42 days I will transition into the maintenance phase and a healthier diet. I will also move into hitting it hard on exercise. I’m ready to feel great and get fit!